Colorado Research Institute for

Security and Privacy

2012 CRISP Workshop on Information Security and Privacy

Dr. Kui (Quinn) Ren
Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Illinois Institute of Technology

Secure Computation Outsourcing in the Public Cloud

About Dr. Ren:
Dr. Kui Ren is currently an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He received his BE and ME degrees both from Zhejiang University and a PhD degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Kui's research expertise includes Cloud Computing & Security, Wireless Security, and Smart Grid Security. His research is supported by NSF, DoE, AFRL, and Amazon. He is a recipient of National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award in 2011. Dr. Ren received the Best Paper Award from IEEE ICNP 2011. He also serves as an associate editor for IEEE Wireless Communications and IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. Dr. Ren is a senior member of IEEE and a member of ACM.

Talk abstract:
Cloud computing enables end-users with limited computational resources to outsource large-scale computational problems to the public cloud, where massive computational power can be easily utilized in a pay-per-use manner. However, security is the major concern that prevents the wide adoption of computation outsourcing, especially when end-user's confidential data are processed and produced during the computation. Therefore, enabling secure computation outsourcing mechanisms in the public cloud becomes imperative while being challenging. In this talk, I will present our recent research efforts on secure outsourcing of the widely applicable linear programming computations. Our contribution is three-fold. Firstly, the proposed mechanism protects the end-user’s sensitive input and output information from the cloud, while enabling computation outsourcing. Secondly, the proposed mechanism provides integrity guarantee over computation results such that any intentional and unintentional result corruption at the cloud-side can be easily detected. Thirdly, the proposed mechanism provides significant computational savings at the end-user side, while imposing only marginal security-related overhead on the cloud side. In this talk, I will also discuss some other on-going research related to data service outsourcing security in cloud, including secure search over encrypted cloud data and secure and dependable storage service outsourcing.

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