NUARI Cyber Training Exercise (October 28th, 2021)

CAE Institutional Cyber exercise


NUARI DECIDE® exercises simulate cyber-attacks for organizations and their partners to stress and test incident response plans, resulting in after action reports to improve strategic communication, compliance, risk, and overall resilience. Initially conceived and started independently by NUARI, and developed with funding from the Department of Homeland Security, the DECIDE platform has been a trusted cybersecurity live exercise solution for more than ten years. DECIDE equips organizations, critical infrastructure sectors, the military, and the government with the situational awareness, strategic communications capabilities, and digital response playbooks needed to prevail against serious cyber threats. DECIDE brings actors from across sectors, geographies, and roles together into a distributed environment to participate in critical infrastructure exercises.


This exercise is a virtual Distributed Tabletop Exercise, planned for 3 hours and will leverage MS Teams and NUARI’s DECIDE® platform. Advanced Exercise play is limited to Graduate students or Community College faculty of the NW Regional Hub Institutions. Introductory Exercise play is open to all graduate and community college faculty of the NW Regional Hub Institutions. It will provide Cybersecurity, Situational Assessment, Public Information and Warning, Intelligence and Information Sharing.

The goals of the exercise are:

• Gain greater understanding of key roles and responsibilities during executive cyber response.

• Gain an increased understanding of the complexities of an executive cyber response.

Participants will share their own perspective(s), within their teams and other supporting organizations, to collaborate on the “Board” response. Exercise Event is virtual on October 28, 2021 from 5 pm to 8 pm MT


Please register at the below link for this event

Student Registration Link

Date and time: Exercise will take place on October 28th, 2021 from 4-8PM (Mountain)

Additional pre-exercise training will be scheduled as well (two one-hour sessions) TBD

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Nathan S. Evans
Nathan S. Evans
Teaching Associate Professor, Academic Director for Cyber Security, University of Denver

Research includes networking, network security, software security and systems.