Invited Speaker from Raytheon, October 13th, 2022

Cyber Security and Why it’s awesome! Vulnerability Research and Reverse Engineering Talk with Discussion


Christopher Ellis, a Senior Principal Cyber Engineer at Raytheon CODEX in Aurora, is coming to DU to provide an introductory talk about cyber security and why it is a fun and promising industry to work in. He will also be giving details and insights into vulnerability research and reverse engineering. Come in person or Zoom in, there will be time after the talk for question and answer session and discussion. All are welcome!

WHEN: October 13th, 2022 @ 5PM (1 hr talk + discussion)

WHERE: University Hall Room 306

WHERE ELSE: Virtually via Zoom: (passcode 676343)

WHO: Cristopher Ellis from Raytheon CODEX, Sr. Principal Cyber Engineer

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Talk Details

Introduction to Cyber and Why It’s Awesome!

Cyber is an exciting field where researchers unlock incredible power in all sorts of technologies! If that got your attention, then join me for a presentation, Intro to Cyber and Why It’s Awesome!

This talk aims to get students interested in the rewarding cyber security industry. “Cyber” can sound intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be. We start off with a high-level view to understand a cyber security researcher simply uses a variety of knowledge to gain deep understanding of a device or system. In other words, the very topics you are learning now in classes serve as a foundation and are actually used on the job to create real-world solutions to some of the most difficult technology and computing challenges.

Specifically, we focus on the life of a reverse engineer and vulnerability researcher. They spend their day breaking things to figure how they really work and use this insight to unlock hidden potential!

We then take a peek at real-world cyber incidents, including researchers discovering how to open garage doors by reverse engineering a kids toy, remotely hacking a car as it drives down the highway, and how the Stuxnet worm made its way to compromise nuclear facilities.

We wrap up with tips for landing a job in the industry and making the most at the start of your career. Whether or not you’re considering a career in cyber security, there is something to gain for everyone, so I hope to see you there!

About the speaker

Christopher Ellis is a cyber engineer at Raytheon CODEX in Aurora, CO where he loves breaking all kinds of technologies to see how they work. He also serves as the CODEX Aurora Site Lead, where one priority is making sure the snack bar is well stocked and another is growing a talented research team and internship program. When he’s not reverse engineering algorithms, he may be researching the security and privacy of wireless technologies as a member of SecLab in the PhD program at Ohio State, where he also earned his B.S and M.S in Computer Science and Engineering. Previously, he was the director of web development at Jaymie Scotto & Associates, and later the space cyber principal investigator at Battelle Memorial Institute developing next-generation space vehicle resiliency technologies.

Nathan S. Evans
Nathan S. Evans
Teaching Associate Professor, Academic Director for Cyber Security, University of Denver

Research includes networking, network security, software security and systems.