DU Cyber Club - Ethical Hacking Lab

Erich Harbowy has been working on setting up an ethical hacking lab at DU

Cyber security graduate student Erich Harbowy has been working to create an ethical hacking lab that students can test out their hacking skills on. A cyber range, or penetration testing lab is a setup (typically isolated from other networks) which contain vulnerable software and operating systems. By joining the lab network, testers can test their mettle on some open sourced hacking virtual machines.

This lab setup is a small proof of concept create by Erich to get some experience with such a lab, but he plans to open it up to students and the cyber security club twice a week.

Check out this video for details:

Nathan S. Evans
Nathan S. Evans
Teaching Associate Professor, Academic Director for Cyber Security, University of Denver

Research includes networking, network security, software security and systems.