CyberForce 2023 - Results

Two DU Teams Conquer the Challenge

Two teams from DU competed in CyberForce this past weekend (November 4 and 5, 2023) in St. Charles, IL. By all indications it was a great event, and we thank the sponsors and Department of Energy for putting together such a great competition.

Here’s an image of all our DU compatriots at the event

DU’s Team Members

Team 1 members (no particular order):

  • Nidhi Madabushi
  • Urvashi Kishnani
  • Alex Sifuentes
  • Ashif Sharaf
  • Angelica Shelman
  • Conor Quinlan

Team 1 Photo

Team 2 members (no particular order):

  • Daniel Awi
  • Kufto Walio
  • Muskan Fatima
  • Axel Aragon
  • Rene Sifuentes
  • Tyler Michael

Team 2 Photo

Both teams performed well, but it was a fierce competition! Showing their experience, Team #1 was the only team in the entire competition to get a perfect score on the C-Suite video and security documentation portion of the competition. Congratulations! Communicating the importance of cybersecurity best practices to management and C-level executives is a really important skill, so this is quite an achievement.

You can see DU’s Team 1 officially recognized for their C-Suite documentation here

Announcement Showing DU’s Prowess

Some more photos from the event, thanks to those who shared them!







CyberForce Overview

Competition Goal: Through the Department of Energy CyberForce Competition™, we aim to leverage the people, research and capabilities of the National Laboratory Complex by providing a competition that tests the next generation of cyber professionals’ ability to protect and defend energy-focused critical infrastructure.

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Nathan S. Evans
Nathan S. Evans
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