CyberForce Kicks Off

CyberForce challenges have started

CyberForce, previously announced here: CyberForce is a industrial control system (ICS) capture the flag (CTF) competition for university students in the US put on by the Department Of Energy (DoE). Recently, the event started, meaning teams have access to the scenarios and machines!

The University of Denver was lucky enough to have two teams accepted to the competition! Led by faculty members Sanchari Das and Nathan Evans these teams are sure to learn lots of useful tools and techniques about IoT/ICS and CTF games.

Team Gamma:

  1. Lombe Chileshe
  2. John David
  3. Urvashi Kishnani
  4. Karen Linnersund
  5. Nidhi Madabhushi
  6. Sunny Shrestha

Team Delta:

  1. Cora Domescek
  2. Aishwarya Surani
  3. Alex Sifuentes
  4. Supriya Thakur
  5. Surya Teja Bhagavatula
  6. Valli-Nayagam Chokkalingam

Read more about CyberForce here: CyberForce Info and read about this year’s scenario in more detail CyberForce scenario

Nathan S. Evans
Nathan S. Evans
Teaching Associate Professor, Academic Director for Cyber Security, University of Denver

Research includes networking, network security, software security and systems.