COMP-3361 Details

COMP 3361 Operating Systems

Course description

This course provides an introduction to operating system concepts. Topics will include operating system history and structure, processes, threads, scheduling, process synchronization, deadlocks, memory management, and file systems.

Course learning objectives:

  • History of operating systems, types of operating systems
  • Interrupts and traps, policy vs. mechanism of OS, vitualization
  • Computing hardware, systems programming
  • Processes vs. threads
  • Programming with theads in C/C++
  • Interprocess communication, locking (mutexes, semaphores)
  • Process synchronization, producers and consumers and the reader/writer problem
  • Scheduling and scheduling algorithms
  • Deadlock: causes, detection, avoidance
  • Memory management in operating systems
  • Virtual memory, paging and segmentation, page swapping and replacement algorithms
  • File systems