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Announcing the one-year MS in Cybersecurity

University of Denver now offers a fast-track one-year MS in Cybersecurity housed under the Department of Computer Science. This program will prepare individuals for the growing demand of a regional and national workforce with security/privacy skills. More information is available here.

How unique are you?

How unique are you based on your gender, date of birth and zip code? We have a web tool to estimate the numbers for you based on the 2010 USA Census data. The more unique you are, the easier it can be identify you in the digital realm. #howuniqueami

CRISP research in health data integration at PETS 2016

Our recent study in private health data linkage demonstrates how encrypted identifiers can be used to perform health data integration at the scale of millions of record pairs. Read the full paper Linking Health Records for Federated Query Processing.

Bloom filters not fit to preserve privacy in health data integration

CRISP research shows another attack on bloom filter based techniques used as a privacy preserving measure in health data integration.

UG students at CRISP design privacy preserving driving habits data collector

Arduino based driving habits data collector

Following up on our WPES 2013 work on location inference from driving habits data, few of our undergraduate students have developed a Arduino based driving habits data collection device. This device preserves privacy by performing computations on the data as it is collected, and then discarding the raw data points. This work will soon appear in IEEE Security and Privacy.

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