Tackling Credential Abuse Together

Cybersecurity distinguished lecture series put on by UCCS

Ethics in Cybersecurity talk November 5, 2021

Description -- Ethics is a key component to cybersecurity professions, the technology can be used for good or bad, do you know the right call? Learn about how ethics comes into play on an international scale and how ethics challenges across the world are contributing to a need for higher vigilance and awareness.

NUARI Cyber Training Exercise (October 28th, 2021)

NUARI situational cyber exercises for training


Cyber FastTrack puts you on the quickest and most cost-effective path to a well-paid and in-demand career - whatever your starting point!

CyberForce Kicks Off

CyberForce - Begins!

CyberForce - US Department of Energy Cybersecurity Workforce Development Program

CyberForce - US Department of Energy Cybersecurity Workforce Development Program

CAE Tech Talk, October 6th, 2021

CAE Tech Talk is a live, online academic forum where members of the CAE community give technical presentations on cybersecurity related topics to the rest of the CAE in Cybersecurity Community. All representatives from CAE designated institutions (professors, students, staff) can present a topic as well as government representatives.

DU Career Fair - October 13th, 2021

DU Career Fair - Day 1 - October 13th, 2021

C2Games.org - Ongoing all-level CTF events (Begins October 2021)

c2games.org capture the flag competitions

Cybersecurity Virtual Career Fair (September 17th, 2021)

The 5th annual National Cybersecurity Virtual Career Fair, sponsored by National Cybersecurity Training and Education (NCyTE) Center and the CAE in Cybersecurity Community, is right around the corner!