National Center of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity

What is a NSA CAE-CD(E)?

Broadly speaking, the NSA Center of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity means that our institution’s curriculum meets the standards put forth by the NSA and DoD in formulating Cybersecurity education. Specifically, this means that the coursework of the Cybersecurity MS program at DU aligns with and meets criteria related to knowledge units developed as part of the US government’s focus areas. These knowledge units are derived from or mapped to components of the NICE framework.

More information can be found at the official CAE site here.

What does that mean for a prospective student?

The requirements for maintaining the NSA CAE accreditation have implications on our curriculum and program development. For one thing, our program needs to provide a combination of foundational Cybersecurity knowledge and specific topics as well. The curriculum is periodically reviewed by the University of Denver as well as CAE representatives to ensure we maintain an up to date mapping. Additionally, it means we have a continous program improvement process, so that internally our courses and student outcomes are evaluated in order to make the program better each year.

CAE Cyber Advisory Board Minutes

DU Program Overview

This site provides additional details for the MS Cyber Security program. DU maintains this information on the main computer science site here: Main University Program Site