Colorado Research Institute for Security and Privacy


The Colorado Research Institute for Security and Privacy (CRISP) is an active research group in information security and privacy at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Denver. CRISP is dedicated to creating tools and techniques that is directly useful for a broad audience, going beyond the usual construction of academic proof-of-concept prototypes.

At the University of Denver, professors associated with CRISP teach courses in Computer Security, System Security, Networking, Systems Programming and Privacy.

We believe in full disclosure and are happy to educate students in all aspects of security, including attacking the security of systems.

CRISP is always looking for enterprising students interested in information security/privacy. If you are not already a student at DU, please follow the Computer Science application process and mention your interest as information security/privacy in the application.

The University of Denver offers a Master’s degree in Cyber Security, which is an intensive two-year program focused on educating those with and without Computer Science backgrounds. Graduates of the degree program are ready to take on any career in cyber that they choose, including penetration testing, software security, SOC/NOC analyst and more.

Heatmap showing cybersecurity jobs across the US

As of late 2023, there are over 500,000 cybersecurity job openings (data from cyberseek.org). The heatmap below shows the breakdown of cyber job openings across the US.


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